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What Our Scholars Say

   "The most important thing to me is being set on the right path and help in getting ready for college. Peak Education keeps me motivated and focused. I will be the first in my family to graduate from college."

Kavada – Peak Education Scholar

"My parents stopped going to school after 8th grade because they had to work. They are so proud of me for working hard to go to college."

Solomon - Peak Education Scholar

   "Peak Education instilled in me this idea: Never forget where you came from and the impact you can have on the lives of others."

Jesse – Peak Education Scholar

   "Peak Education helps us get ready for college and keeps us on track. I like that we can ask for help when we need it."

Dominick – Peak Education Scholar

  " I would not be where I am today without Peak Education... They have shown me a world beyond academics that is just as important." 

Marcus – Peak Education Scholar

   "Through Peak Education I have learned new things, have met new people and have done things I never thought I would do…like going to the top of Pikes Peak and camping. I like the volunteering experiences and also our visits to the Wolf Rescue Center in Woodland Park."

Porschae – Peak Education Scholar

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