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About Us

Our Why

Peak Education disrupts the status quo by closing opportunity gaps in our community. We believe that every student deserves to reach for their full potential and that all willing learners can do so. We do this by working to enact change at multiple levels beyond the individual students that participate directly in our program. Our work impacts families, schools, and our city to further access to education as well as social and economic inclusion. 


Peak Education works to create change at every level that impacts a student's trajectory. This includes working directly with their families, schools and the greater Colorado Springs community to work toward positive outcomes for our scholars. We do this through 1) social-emotional education and career-readiness development, 2) mentoring programs, 3) service-learning & civic engagement opportunities, and 4) college and scholarship counseling.

Solving the Challenge

Low-income graduates from Colorado Springs high schools are less likely than peers across the state and nation to enroll directly in college. Despite nearly 75% of all careers following high school requiring college or postsecondary training, only 43% of low-income high school graduates enroll in a postsecondary option from Colorado Springs. This is significantly lower than the national (67.9%) and statewide (56%) postsecondary enrollment rates.


Since Peak Education's founding over 23 years ago, we have built off our founder's mission of ensuring that our scholars are empowered to take ownership of their educational journey and receive the support and mentorship to overcome any barriers that may impede them from reaching their full potential. By starting programming in 7th grade, we change a student and family’s expectations about what is possible in terms of educational and career attainment. Our high school program prepares students to apply to college and provides them with the skills to be successful when they enroll.  Once in college, we provide them with the support to graduate and leverage their degree to begin a meaningful career. All of our programming and curriculum is supported by strong mentoring relationships with our students.

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