Dear Peak Ed 2021 High School Grads:


You are still an important part of Peak Education. While we have always kept in touch informally with our students in college, this year we’re launching our official “College Success Program” (CSP) with a first-year cohort of about a dozen students. 

Based on input from previous Peak Ed grads and others like them nationwide, we know that many of our students face significant academic, financial, and social challenges as they enter college, and those who have strong support networks are more likely to persevere and complete their programs. We want to be part of that support network for you, to walk with you now so that we can see you walk across that stage to get your degree.

Ms. Rainey has helped you get to this point and is now passing the baton to Anne Taylor, who coordinates the College Success Program. We have collected some resources for you that will help you as you prepare and transition to college in August or September. We encouage you to check them out, but most importantly to GET ENGAGED with people and organizations on your new campus early and often! Student engagement is a key predictor of successful completion of college.

This page will serve as a home base for the program. Please check back often and contact us if you have any questions.

You got this! 

Ms.Jasmine Rainey and Ms. Anne Taylor

Graduation Hat Throw

Introducing... Peak Ed's
College Success Program

Anne Taylor

Mentoring and College Success Coordinator



College Success Program Features:

  • Regular communication (individual phone calls or texts to check in; monthly messages focused on timely topics)  

  • College Hangouts: gather on Zoom and/or in person with your fellow Peak Ed college peers once or twice a semester to check in, compare experiences, and share advice. 

  • Reminders of important dates and next steps (such as FAFSA deadlines, internship/job opportunities) 

  • Informational resources on topics that many students encounter 

  • Financial support: Moniker Fund; possible summer paid internships 

  • Anytime support, and even some nice surprises along the way!