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Impact Service Project


By participating in the Impact Service Project, Peak Education Scholars have the chance to take on some of our community’s biggest challenges. In response to problems identified in local businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions, students will work in small group teams—with the support of a coach—to identify root causes of local area problems and identify solutions.

January 2023, the ISP begins its third year at Peak Education.

2023 ISP Teams

Latinas are underrepresented within post-secondary education. The Latina Equity Foundation was created to provide a critical network and support for Latino Business Owners to reach their highest potential. The organization provides mentorship and networking opportunities. 

This project isn't just for Latinas, all ethnicities are welcomed to join this project. We are focusing on why post secondary education is so important. You will learn how to network, and be able to go to a conference here in Colorado Springs. You will also learn how to market, and get students to go to the conference. 

StructureBot is a start up company here in Colorado Springs. If you are interested in engineering and/or 3D printing, then this is the project for you! StructureBot needs individual products to sell and market to the public. The students who decide to work on this project will also help StructureBot to build their social media platforms. 

Peak Education now own an App to help students connect with colleges. Students will work on a Student Design Journey. Assist us with developing a business model using cases through the design process. Utilize a users journey test processes to identify new features and develop a compelling design for the app. There is a possible opportunity for some students to present at a future conference.

Apply to be apart of ISP 2023

2021 ISP Pictures

2022 Teams 

Mission: Large scale event planning, data organization and storage

Mission: Cleanup 80910 & 80916 Neighborhoods

Mission: Social Justice &

Campus Culture

Mission: Intergenerational Tech and Mentorship

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