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Spring 2021 Newsletter

April 6, 2021

Dear Peak Education Community, 

We are almost to the finish line of the 2020-2021 school year! We are so proud of our Peak Education Scholars and their families for demonstrating persistence and determination through the year. 


There is a lot to celebrate and discuss as a Peak Education Community this year. Throughout this unconventional year, our Peak Education team has sought out new ways of doing things that would not just enable us to continue our programming but to have an even greater impact on students. 

Read our Spring 2021 Newsletter to find out how!


L. Carlos Jimenez, Peak Education CEO

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Annual Report

isp cutout
By participating in the Impact Service Project, Peak Education Scholars will have the chance to take on some of our community’s biggest challenges related to the COVID-19 pandemic. In response to problems identified in local businesses, nonprofits, and educational institutions, students will work in small group teams—with the support of a coach—to identify root causes of local area problems and identify solutions.
Beginning in January 2021, the ISP is a new Peak Education program made possible through a grant from L3Harris. 

Standing in Solidarity

June 5, 2020


Dear Peak Education Community, 

Recent events are vivid reminders of the realities of injustice and inequality in our world. We at Peak Education echo the anger and anguish being expressed across our state and our country over the murders of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery,  Breonna Taylor, and countless other people of color. Our sympathy and solidarity is with the Black community as they face not only the disproportionate dangers of COVID-19 but the cruelties of racism as well. Now more than ever, we must remember the urgent need to combat injustice—particularly within the system of law enforcement—and work for peace. While it can be difficult and uncomfortable to confront the realities of systemic and entrenched racism, we are all compelled to do so. 

Two decades ago, Peak Education was founded in response to violence and inequality standing in the way of young people reaching their potential. Today, our mission remains, and the work continues. We are engaged in work that provides low-income and students of color the tools and resources to pursue higher education and reach their dreams. As we do this, Peak Education cannot ignore the roles that race and racism play in the lives of many of our students and families. We believe that listening to them, supporting them, and learning with them are vital in addressing inequities and advancing opportunities. We remain committed to identifying and changing systems of oppression and injustice encountered by our students and families every day.

In the Colorado Springs community, each of us may be moved to work to combat racial injustice in different ways: joining protests, communicating our views to elected officials, educating ourselves and others, donating money to organizations engaged in anti-racist work, or sharing our opinions and support on social media platforms. Peak Education supports members of the community in finding productive ways to express their frustration, grief, and desire for substantive change. To the communities of color that we serve— families, colleagues, school counselors, volunteers, and partners—we support you; we stand with you. To our students, your dreams matter, and you matter; we are here for you. 


The Peak Education Team

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