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March 26, 2020


Dear Peak Education Community, 


We hope you and your families remain well and safe.  In this unusual time of COVID-19 disruptions in many aspects of our daily lives, we want you to know we are continuing our work and remain committed to our students and families. We are doing outreach to all students and families to ensure that they have what they need to be successful in this situation and are continuing to set the course for next year’s programs as well as the recruitment of new Peak Education Scholars. 


Our in-school programming for the school year was completed as planned before schools closed early across the region for Spring Break. Our spring family meeting, which is such a vital event for the Peak Education community, had to be postponed. Because of this, we are exploring creative ways of delivering some of the content from that meeting into online formats.


We also remain available each day to counsel our seniors as they finalize their college admissions and scholarship applications, work with juniors to lay a foundation for success in the college search process and other scholars as they continue their exploration of college and career pathways. Please contact us if you or your family have any questions about accessing community and educational resources at this difficult time.


We are only a phone call away.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out.  


We will be posting additional resources and updates via our webpage and through our social media channels on Instagram and Facebook. Please be sure to follow us on both platforms at @peakeducationcos.


Stay safe.  Together, we will not allow this difficult time to disrupt our scholars educational journeys and dreams for the future.


The Peak Education Team


Recent Events






Spring semester is here and all hands are on deck! Scholars are applying to colleges, others are getting accepted, and even more are applying for scholarships. Contact Carlos with questions about scholarships and all other college counseling questions.


We have been meeting with all of our students once a month to teach them something different every time. Last month we talked about social skills and first impressions to the middle schoolers. In the high schools we talked about realities of college life and relating career research and conversations to the college search process. 

Peak Ed scholars are also welcome to come into the office any time to get help completing their applications. 

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