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Welcome to Senior Year!

Hi Seniors,

I'm Ms. Rainey, the director of college counseling for Elevated and Peak Education. This is the first Senior Newsletter for Peak Ed and Elevated students of the school year! I'll be working with you closely this year.

What can Ms. Rainey help you with?

  • The entire college/scholarship process—filling out college and scholarship applications, essay review, FAFSA and much more!

  • Part of your requirements include a one-on-one meeting with me in the fall semester (Aug-Oct). You can schedule your meeting using this link.

  • When signing up for a meeting, please put the meeting date and time in your phone. Set your phone to remind you 1 hour and/or 1 day before the meeting is to occur.

Need essay help?

  • This year I have a recent Colorado College graduate completing a one-year fellowship with me. Her name is Amy Ji, and she has a background in helping studen