November 5th: What's your end goal?

Hi, Seniors,

The Fall semester is almost over! Some of you have done a great job with balancing your college applications and scholarships with schoolwork, jobs, and extracurricular activities. Then, there are some of you who have prioritized other aspects of your life over your scholarship and college applications. Remember what your ultimate career goal is for after high school. For most of you, that's going to college and obtaining a career that you enjoy and that pays well. If that's your goal, you must take steps to make sure you're successful. Your current activities are important, but most are temporary. So, try to balance your current activities with your college/scholarship work. Balance the present with planning for the future because scholarships could prevent you from getting into significant debt while in college. Less debt means more financial freedom to purchase a house, car, to travel and to pursue your other interests in the future.

Click here to view tips on how to effectively manage your time. It's equally important to take care of yourself or to practice self-care. Remember that I'm here to assist you with this college and financial aid process. So, reach out to me if you're struggling, need guidance or if you need help with anything.

-Ms. Rainey


Senior Shout Outs

Congratulations to the following students:

  • Etelin Tapia is a finalist for the QuestBridge Scholarship.

  • Herbert Hafenrichter was accepted at MSU Denver, Northern Arizona University and New Mexico State University.

  • Deliannys Reyes was accepted at UCCS, CSU Pueblo, Adams State University and Western Colorado University.

  • Adilene Resendiz was accepted at Oregon Institute of Technology

  • Tyesha Roberton was accepted at Colorado Mesa University and MSU Denver.

  • Congratulations to Etelin Tapia and Deliannys Reyes who presented their Peak Education Impact Service Project at the Colorado School Counselor Association’s Annual Conference in October.

Congratulations to all of you!

Are you wondering why your acceptance or scholarship award isn't mentioned above? It's because you haven't reported it! Please remember to report college acceptance, scholarship awards, including scholarship awards on your college acceptance letters, and any other recognition you've received. Peak Education and Elevated wants to celebrate you!

*If you have new college acceptances and/or scholarship awards to report, please report them HERE. Or...

*Other ways of reporting: If it's an email, forward it to Ms. Rainey. If it is a physical letter, take a picture and text or email it to Ms. Rainey.


Announcements & Reminders

  • November 15th Deadline: The next major deadline is November 15th. Many colleges have early action deadlines of Nov. 15th.

  • The Daniels Fund Scholarship deadline was extended from Nov. 15th to November 20th a 4pm! You have a few more days to submit your application, and if you’re retaking the SAT on Nov. 6th, it gives you more time submit those test scores.

  • Letter of Rec: Daniels Fund requires one school official to submit a letter of rec directly to Daniels Fund. Remember that Nov. 20th is on a Saturday and many teachers might be flying out that weekend since Thanksgiving is the following week. So, make sure your teacher submits their part BEFORE the 20th. You could just keep the Nov. 15th deadline with your teachers to ensure it’s submitted on time.

  • If you're applying for Daniels Fund, please send your essays to me by Sunday, November 14th so that I can provide feedback! For all of your scholarship essays, I strongly suggest that you share them with me for feedback even if you’re using teachers and others at your school. It doesn’t hurt to get a second or third opinion!

  • CSS Profile: The CSS Profile is similar to FAFSA, but it has 50% MORE questions. It takes a deeper dive into your family's financial situation so that colleges can make sure they're providing your additional institutional aid if you're in need.

  • If you'd like more info on the CSS Profile, the Coalition for College is hosting a CSS Profile Presentation on Tuesday, November 16th at 6pm MT. Register HERE.

  • If you need help completing the CSS Profile, reach out to Ms. Rainey to schedule a meeting.

  • FAFSA opened Oct. 1st. Aim to complete it by December 1st. Many families have to complete a process called "verification" once they submit FAFSA. This process can take a lot of time. You will not receive financial aid offers from your college until you complete verification (if you're selected). So, submit FAFSA early; so, that you can complete your financial aid file earlier and receive your award letter earlier in the spring semester and avoid delays.

  • Need Help completing your FAFSA? Contact Ms. Rainey and schedule an appointment.

  • If you do FAFA on your own or at school workshop, please send me your FAFSA confirmation. After you submit FAFSA, you will be emailed a message with the subject line “FAFSA Confirmation Page Email.” Please forward this email to me at

  • Consider applying to more colleges before the end of the semester. Check out some of my recommendations for in-state colleges, HBCUs, HSIs, and out-of-state universities HERE. If you've applied to only out-of-state colleges, apply to a few in-state colleges as a "back-up plan" just in case those out-of-state colleges aren't affordable. If you've only applied to in-state colleges, consider pushing yourself to apply to at least one out-of-state application. During the spring semester, you don't want to have any regrets or limited options. So, consider a few other colleges!

  • Do you need a tracker to keep you organized with deadlines and requirements? Here's a college app tracker and a scholarship app tracker you can use. To use it, make sure you're logged into your Gmail account, and then click file-->make a copy. Then you can use this as your own tracker.


November Checklist

Don’t forget to use MaiaLearning to see what you should be working on each month and to mark items as “complete” so that I know what you’re working on. A few items that you should be completing include:

  • Finish applying for college (safety school, target and a reach).

  • Make sure you request your transcript and have it sent to your colleges AFTER you apply. Make sure your other supplement materials are submitted to college on time.

  • Complete FAFSA and CSS Profile (if applicable).

  • Apply for scholarships

  • Sign up to the take the SAT in December if you want to improve your scores one last time.

View the full senior checklist HERE.



  • Reminder: If you apply to the scholarships below, let Ms. Rainey know (Report them HERE).

  • Research your own scholarships using MaiaLearning,, or other scholarship search engines.

  • Everyone can use feedback. Submit your scholarship essays to Ms. Jasmine Rainey at Try to do this AT LEAST 1 week before the deadline.


Jack Kent Cooke Scholarship

Deadline: November 18th

Amount: Up to $55,000 per year to attend a 4-year university. (This offers more money than the new Daniels Fund Scholarship. So, consider applying for this too)

Eligibility: 3.5 cumulative unweighted GPA or higher. Demonstrate financial need (families with incomes up to $95k will be considered).

How to Apply:


The Art of Community Scholarship

Deadline: November 19th

Amount: $5,000

Eligibility: Be under the age of 26.

How to Apply:

  • What you'll do: You'll take a picture of yourself (or have someone take a picture of you), sharing a piece of artwork or your unique form of creativity, which includes sports, music, fashion, art and culture, in a public space (in school with classmates, at a park, with neighbors). Many of you are athletes or are in marching band or orchestra. So, you could submit a photo of yourself performing with an audience watching! It's an easy scholarship and only 13 students have applied so far. So, you could win this $5,000 scholarship!


Stephen J. Brady Stop Hunger Scholarship

Deadline: December 5th

Amount: $5,000 for you + $5,000 for a charity of your choice.

Eligibility: Be between the age of 5-25 and have

How to Apply:


Educating Children of Color (ECOC) Scholarships (not a need based scholarship)

Deadline: December 15th

Amount: Varies.

Eligibility: There are various ECOC scholarships you can apply for. Their main theme scholarship allows you to choose your submission type. If you don't like essays, you can choose to submit art work, a song, poetry, rap, dance, video, presentation or something else that answers the "theme" question. See their website for details and if you do an essay, poetry or other written work, submit to Ms. Rainey prior to the deadline for feedback. Note: to be awarded the scholarship, you'll have to also attend the virtual ECOC conference on Saturday, January 15th. We had several students win these last year; so, I hope you apply!

How to Apply:


Burger King Scholarship (not a need based scholarship)

Deadline: December 15th

Amount: Up to $50,000.

Eligibility: 2.5 GPA or higher, demonstrate community involvement through volunteering, sports, clubs, and/or religious organizations, plan to enrolls at a 2 or 4-year college in 2022-23 or a technical/vocational college.

How to Apply:


Footlocker Scholar Athlete Scholarship (not a need based scholarship)

Deadline: December 17th

Amount: $20,000

Eligibility: At least a 3.0 GPA, currently involved in high school sports, intramural sports or community based sports, will enter college in Fall 2022.

How to Apply:


Scholarships previously featured with upcoming deadlines

Dell Scholars

Deadline: December 1st (opens 10/1)

Amount: $20,000

Eligibility: You must have participated in a college-readiness program like AVID, Upward Bound, Gear UP or Uplift (see the full list of approved programs HERE). Must have at least a 2.4 GPA or higher, be Pell eligible (based on FAFSA), and plan to attend college.

How to Apply:


Haz la U Educational Grant Program

Deadline: November 14th

Amount: $2,000-$15,000

Eligible students must be currently enrolled in high school; have a minimum unweighted 3.0 GPA; must enroll at an accredited higher education institution and be of Hispanic heritage (including Spain, Brazil, Philippines). Must also be a U.S. permanent resident, U.S. citizens, or qualify under DACA. For more information or to apply, please visit the scholarship provider's website.


Daniels Fund

Deadline: November 15th @ 4pm MST (opens Oct. 1st)

Amount: $25,000

Eligible students must have a 3.0 GPA, resident of Colorad, new Mexico, Utah or Wyoming, citizen or permanent resident, earn a minimum SAT score of 490 on Evidence-based reading and writing and on the math exam OR an 18 in each category of the ACT. Financial eligibility is $85,0000 or less (see website for more details on financial eligibility).


Greenhouse Scholars

Deadline: Nov. 5th. This scholarship has multiple parts. Part 1 is due Nov. 5th, but it’s easy; so do part 1 ASAP so that you can do part 2, which is due Nov. 19th.

Amount: $5,000 + mentor in college and professional networking, internships and more!

Eligibility: Senior with an unweighted GPA of 3.5 or higher. Demonstrated financial need (no greater than $70k), possess leadership skill sand strong interest in community.

How to Apply:


Ron Brown Scholarship Program

Deadline: January 9th

Amount: $40,000

Eligible students must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents, Black/African American and current high school seniors at the time of their application. Applicants should demonstrate academic achievement, exhibit leadership ability, participate in community service activities and have a demonstrated financial need. The application requires that students fill out a paper application, as well as mail (in one packet) a list of their extracurricular community, employment or other activities, awards or honors, two 500 word essays, two letters of recommendation, and an official transcript. Scholarship winners are selected on the basis of their application materials, interviews and participation in Selection Weekend activities. (you’ll need to mail in an application and postmark it by 1/9).

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