March 7th: Are you on track?

Hi, Seniors,

After you're admitted into college you have several "next steps" to complete. This semester is about completing those steps and finalizing your plan for after high school. Make sure to view the next steps list and schedule a meeting with me for assistance.

-Ms. Rainey


Senior Shout Outs

Congratulations to the following students:

  • Elijah Jefferson for signing to play football and baseball with Wisconsin Lutheran College.

  • Leathea Mitchell for receiving the UNC Bear Scholarship!

  • Semajae Parker for joining the U.S. Navy!

  • Justin Pruitt for passing his Eagle Scout Review and for receiving CSU Pueblo's athletic football and academic scholarship, Fisk University's Outstanding Leaders and Scholars Award, and the University of Nebraska at Kearney's Athletic Football and Academic Scholarship!

  • Class of 2022 has earned $325,500 thus far!

  • To view all of the college acceptances and scholarship awards, visit the acceptance and award board.

Congratulations to all of you!

Are you missing acceptances or award letters from the board? Please remember to report college acceptance, scholarship awards, including scholarship awards on your college acceptance letters, and any other recognition you've received. Peak Education and Elevated wants to celebrate you!

*If you have new college acceptances and/or scholarship awards to report, please report them HERE. Or...

*Other ways of reporting: If it's an email, forward it to Ms. Rainey ( If it is a physical letter, take a picture and text or email it to Ms. Rainey.


Announcements & Reminders

  • If you missed the required Next Steps and Financial Aid Presentation from Feb. 1st, the make-up assignment is due by March 7th. For more info and to see the make-up assignment click HERE. If you need more time, contact Ms. Rainey.

  • Save the Date: Tuesday, April 19th at 5:30 pm: Transition to College Presentation. This is your final required event from Ms. Rainey. Location: TBD. More info to come!

  • Senior Celebrations are coming soon. Save the dates:

  • Elevated Senior Recognition Event: May 6th at 6 pm (more details to come)

  • Peak Ed Senior Celebration: May 19th at 6 pm (more details to come)

  • Are you debating between colleges? Would it be helpful to speak with college students at a particular college to learn more about a college or major? There's an app called Studence that allows you to connect with college students at a particular college or who share a major with you via video chat, text (via the app) or a video message. This is a great way to ask your final questions to help make a choice on where to attend. If you'd like to utilize this tool, email me at

  • Worried about how to pay for college? Remember that you should wait until you receive your award letters for at least your top 3 colleges before committing to a college. Some potential affordable options:

  • CSU Pueblo is offering the Colorado Promise, which provides free tuition for students from families with a gross income of $50,000 or less per year. If you need.

  • If you attend high school in HSD2, you're eligible for Dakota Promise, which covers your tuition and costs at Pikes Peak Community College.

  • If you attend school in HSD2 AND you want to become a teacher, they'll cover your tuition at a few universities throughout Colorado. You must commit to returning to teach in HSD2 once you complete your degree.

  • Speak with Ms. Rainey to review your award letters and other options.


March Checklist

  • Complete your Next Steps (activate portal, complete verification, etc)

  • Schedule a meeting with Ms. Rainey to complete your next steps (e.g. activate college portal, complete verification, etc).

  • Schedule a meeting with Ms. Rainey to review college award letter offers.

  • Continue applying for scholarships

  • Complete institutional scholarship applications

  • Complete FAFSA and CSS Profile (if you haven't already).

View the full senior checklist HERE.



  • Reminder: If you apply to the scholarships below, let Ms. Rainey know (Report them HERE).

  • Research your own scholarships using MaiaLearning,, or other scholarship search engines.

  • Everyone can use feedback. Submit your scholarship essays to Ms. Jasmine Rainey at Try to do this AT LEAST 1 week before the deadline.


Best and Brightest

Deadline: March 18th

Amount: Student featured in the Gazette and a $500 scholarship.


  • At least a 2.5 GPA (note from Ms. Rainey: but most recipients have a GPA over 3.5)

  • Committment to community service

  • Vision for yourself and the future.

How to Apply:

Submitting your application: If you wait until the week of the deadline, drop your application off in person!

Completed applications must be received at The Gazette by 4:00pm on Friday, March 18, 2022. They can be mailed or delivered to The Gazette office, 30 E. Pikes Peak Ave., Ste. 100, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. There is a drop box between the lobby doors and our lobby is open Monday - Friday, 9am - 4pm. Applications can also be emailed directly to me at


Helen M. McLoraine Scholarship Program for Foster Care and Emancipating Youth

Deadline: April 1st

Amount: Varies


  • Were in the foster care system in Colorado for a minimum of 24 months between the ages of 13 and 21 (months do not need to have been consecutive, although the total should be 24 months before the scholarship deadline). Applicants who meet this requirement AND are emancipated were adopted at age 15 or older, or are participating in the Guardianship Assistance Program, Independent Living Arrangement, or similar programs are eligible to apply.

  • Will be age 25 or younger on September 1st

  • Demonstrate financial need

  • Are planning to attend an accredited trade or technical school, community college, or four-year college/university in the U.S. for the upcoming academic year.

How to Apply:; create an account on the Foundation's website and select this scholarship from the list of options.


MCA Denver Failure Award Scholarship

Deadline: April 1st

Amount: $20,000


  • Student must be a Colorado resident and high school senior graduating from a public, private, parochial, charter, or online high school in Colorado this spring.

  • Student must plan to attend an accredit post-secondary college or university in the fall

  • Student is able to attend the Failure Awards on April 30, 2022.

Selection: Applicants must submit documentation of a project, which they have undertaken and completed during their high school years, that demonstrates a higher level of creativity in the attempt to create something that is genuinely new. We are looking for projects that contain originality and authenticity. All types of projects will be considered, including, but not limited to: visual arts, drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, dance, theatre, performing arts, instrument or voice composition, design, fashion, culinary arts, technology, gaming, robotics, business ventures, social innovation, or other creative practice. The project must be the original work of the applicant. Group projects will not be considered. Projects must be complete, and scholarship dollars cannot be directed towards completion of the project.

How to Apply:; create an account on the Foundation's website and select this scholarship from the list of options.


RBC Wealth Management Colorado Scholarship

Deadline: April 1st

Amount: $20,000


  • Graduating from a Colorado high school during the current spring term

  • Intending to pursue a science, mathematics, or engineering degree at a college or university in the United States

  • Have an unweighted cumulative GPA of at least 3.75

  • Have a score of at least 31 composite on the ACT or a math and critical reading combined score of 1400 or above on the SAT

  • While some schools are test-optional, applying for this opportunity requires that you provide an ACT or SAT as stated above.

How to Apply:; create an account on the Foundation's website and select this scholarship from the list of options.


TBK Scholarship

Deadline: April 15th

Amount: Varies

Eligibility: High school senior, resident of Colorado county.

How to Apply:


National High School Essay Contest

Deadline: April 4th at 11:59 pm EASTERN time (~9:59pm in Mountain time)

Amount: $2,500, a trip to D.C. to meet a membre of the state department's leadership AND a full scholarship for a semester ast sea educational voyage.

Eligibility: Students whose parents are not in the Foreign Service are eligible to participate if they are in grades nine through twelve in any of the fifty states, the District of Columbia, the U.S. territories, or if they are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent attending high school overseas. Students may be attending a public, private, or parochial school. Entries from home-schooled students are also accepted. Previous first-place winners and immediate relatives of directors or staff of the AFSA, the U.S. Institute of Peace, Semester at Sea and National Student Leadership Conference are not eligible to participate. Previous honorable mention designees are eligible to enter.

Essay Prompt: The current multipolar era poses challenges for U.S. foreign policy but also provides new opportunities for partnership across world powers – including emerging great powers like China and Russia – to build peace in conflict-affected countries. Describe a current situation where American diplomats and peacebuilders are working with other world powers, as well as local and/or regional actors, in a conflict-affected country to champion democracy, promote human rights, and/or resolve violent conflict.

Successful essays will identify, in no more than 1,250 words, the strategies and tactics U.S. Foreign Service Officers and American peacebuilders are employing to build successful partnerships with other world and regional powers and with local actors in the chosen current situation. The essay will also describe specific ways that these partnerships are helping to promote stability and build peace.

How to Apply:



Previously mentioned scholarships:

Sachs Foundation Scholarship

Deadline: March 15th

Amount: $10,000 per year, total $40K

Eligibility: 3.0 GPA, black high school student in senior year, resident of Colorado for a minimum of 3 years over the last 5 years). Ms. Rainey expects all Elevated students to do this scholarship since the Sachs Foundation sponsors Elevated! She also expect you to send your essays to me for review by Feb. 20th. Being in Elevated does not guarantee that you'll receive this scholar

ship. All eligible Peak Ed students are also encouraged to do this scholarship and send Ms. Rainey their essays!

How to Apply:


Institutional Scholarships (aka College-specific scholarships)

Deadline: Varies, but most Colorado institutional scholarships are due March 1st; some have extended deadlines til March 15th.

About: Have you been admitted to a college/university? If yes, most colleges offer college-specific scholarships (aka Institutional Scholarships). Most of these have one main scholarship application that

allows you to apply to multiple scholarships offered at the college (it's kind of like the Common App for a college's scholarships)!

Most in-state/Colorado applications are due March 1st (FAFSA also must be submitted by this deadline). Some Colorado colleges and out-of-state colleges may have earlier or later deadlines (for example, UNC and CU Boulder had Feb. 15th deadlines last year while many community colleges have April 15th deadlines). So, make sure to check and pay attention to deadlines.

If you've been accepted into multiple college, I would submit

institutional scholarship applications for at least your top 3-5 colleges. A lot of money can come from here. One Elevated student earned a $10,000 from CSU Fort Collins by applying last year!

How to apply: For Colorado colleges, view this list. Please note, deadlines might have changed; so, double check on the school's website. For out-of-state colleges, visit their website to see if they offer separate scholarship applications for admitted students.


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