January 28th: Next Steps

Hi, Seniors,

After you're admitted into college you have several "next steps" to complete. This semester is about completing those steps and finalizing your plan for after high school. You're almost done with high school. Finish strong!

-Ms. Rainey


Senior Shout Outs

Congratulations to the following students:

  • Kori Johnson and Deliannys Reyes for becoming semifinalist for the Boettcher Scholarship.

  • Etelin Tapia was awarded the USAA Racial Equity STEAM Scholarship through ECOC.

  • Cameron Thomas was awarded the Educating Children of Color Theme Scholarship.

  • Justin Pruitt was awarded the Community Scholars Scholarship from Chadron College

  • Destiny Reynolds was awarded a merit scholarship from University of La Verne.

  • Trevionne Jackson was awarded a scholarship from the Culinary Institute of America.

  • Herbert Hafenrichter was awarded merit scholarships from Colorado School of Mines, Colorado State University and Arizona State University. was accepted at Colorado Mesa University and MSU Denver.

  • Imani Knox was awarded merit scholarships from UCCS, Fisk University and COE College.

  • Class of 2022 has earned $319,500 thus far!

  • A virtual college acceptance board will be coming soon to celebrate all of the wonderful acceptances that you've been reporting! Make sure to report any new acceptances since December to Ms. Rainey!

Congratulations to all of you!

Please remember to report college acceptance, scholarship awards, including scholarship awards on your college acceptance letters, and any other recognition you've received. Peak Education and Elevated wants to celebrate you!

*If you have new college acceptances and/or scholarship awards to report, please report them HERE. Or...

*Other ways of reporting: If it's an email, forward it to Ms. Rainey (jasmine@peakedu.org). If it is a physical letter, take a picture and text or email it to Ms. Rainey.


Announcements & Reminders

  • Tuesday, February 1st at 6 pm: The Next Steps and Financial Aid Presentation (REQUIRED). To maintain eligibility for your Elevated Grant and/or Peak Ed Moniker Scholarship, you have two final events for this semester. This presentation is one of them. Come learn about your important next steps for after you're admitted into a college and how to understand your financial aid award letters. Join Zoom at 6 pm on 2/1 using this link: https://zoom.us/j/92533850064

  • Save the Date: Tuesday, April 19th at 5:30 pm: Transition to College Presentation. This is your final required event from me. As of now this event will be in person. Location: TBD.

  • There's still time to apply to a few colleges!

  • CU Boulder's deadline was extended for Colorado residents until Jan. 31st.

  • Colorado State University (Ft. Collins) deadline is Feb. 1st

  • Colleges like UNC, UCCS, CU Denver, MSU Denver have rolling deadlines. However, you'll still want to apply before January ends so that you can hopefully get admitted soon and work on their institutional scholarships (see institutional scholarship section for more info on these).

  • For a full list of colleges that are still accepting applications, click HERE. Make sure to double check deadlines on the college's actual website.


January/February Checklist

  • Finish applying for college (safety school, target and a reach).

  • Continue applying for scholarships

  • Complete institutional scholarship applications

  • Complete FAFSA and CSS Profile (if applicable).

  • Activate your college portal

  • Complete verification and submit additional documents to financial aid offices (if applicable).

View the full senior checklist HERE.



  • Reminder: If you apply to the scholarships below, let Ms. Rainey know (Report them HERE).

  • Research your own scholarships using MaiaLearning, Goingmerry.com, Unigo.com or other scholarship search engines.

  • Everyone can use feedback. Submit your scholarship essays to Ms. Jasmine Rainey at jasmine@peakedu.org. Try to do this AT LEAST 1 week before the deadline.


Amazon Future Engineer Scholarship

Deadline: extended until Feb. 1st at 4pm (MT)!

Amount: $40,000 + internship at Amazon


✅ Must be employment authorized to work in the US. Example: Employment Authorization Document holder, Permanent Resident, or US Citizen.

✅ Be high school senior in the U.S. who has completed or is currently enrolled in a computer science course – dual enrollment courses also count! If you haven’t taken a formal computer science course but have learned on your own, you can opt in to take a brief assessment instead.

✅ Be planning to attain a bachelor’s degree in computer science, software engineering, computer engineering or other computer science related field of study like math.

✅ Have a minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale (or its equivalent).

✅ Must demonstrate financial need

How to Apply: https://www.amazonfutureengineer.com/scholarship


Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Deadline: February 14th

Amount: Varies.

Eligibility: 3.0 GPA, Hispanic heritage, plan to enroll in college, submit the FAFSA or state-based financial aid forms.

How to Apply: https://www.hsf.net/scholarship


Red Thread Women Scholarship

Deadline: February 26th

Amount: Varies

Eligibility: Must be a woman of an international background, including foreign students, immigrants. If you' were born in the U.S. you can still apply if your parents are immigrants (e.g. you're a first-generation American)! There are no GPA or US residency requirements.

How to Apply: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSfQ3MdmS8AkFgGW9iDsLbQ1t1nUHPQ-YdbZ4fOQvMY7uhGfIw/viewform (write the essay in a word doc and gather your letters of rec first BEFORE filling out the application since it cannot be saved).


HLHJ Chapter Scholarships

Deadline: Feb. 28th

Amount: $5,000

Eligibility: Applicants must be high school seniors, who'll graduate in 2021-22 school year and plan to enroll in college.

How to Apply: https://form.123formbuilder.com/6036917/2022-hlhj-scholarship-form


Volunteerism/Community Service Scholarship

Deadline: Feb. 28th

Amount: $1,500

Eligibility: Have at least a 2.5 GPA on a 4.0 scale, demonstrate significant volunteerism/community service.

How to Apply: https://www.coloradocouncil.org/scholarship


Tall Club Scholarship

Deadline: March 1st, but must request application by Feb. 1st!

Amount: up to $1,000

Eligibility: Must enter college in fall 2022 (~August), under the age of 21 and meet the height requirements of TCI (at least 5'10 for women and at least 6'2 for men).

How to Apply:

  1. First request your application by Feb. 1st by emailing the scholarship committee at tcifoundationscholarships@gmail.com. Make sure to put "Scholarship" in the subject line. In the body of the email request an application for the "Tall Club Scholarship" and include your city and state in the inquiry.

  2. Follow the instructions in the application that you receive and submit by March 1st. Let Ms. Rainey know if you need assistance and what the application entails!



Sachs Foundation Scholarship

Deadline: March 15th

Amount: $10,000 per year, total $40K

Eligibility: 3.0 GPA, black high school student in senior year, resident of Colorado for a minimum of 3 years over the last 5 years). Ms. Rainey expects all Elevated students to do this scholarship since the Sachs Foundation sponsors Elevated! She also expect you to send your essays to me for review by Feb. 20th. Being in Elevated does not guarantee that you'll receive this scholarship. All eligible Peak Ed students are also encouraged to do this scholarship and send Ms. Rainey their essays! https://www.sachsfoundation.org/undergraduate-scholarships.html

How to Apply: https://www.sachsfoundation.org/undergraduate-scholarships.html


Institutional Scholarships (aka College-specific scholarships)

Deadline: Varies, but most Colorado institutional scholarships are due March 1st

About: Have you been admitted to a college/university? If yes, most colleges offer college-specific scholarships (aka Institutional Scholarships). Most of these have one main scholarship application that allows you to apply to multiple scholarships offered at the college (it's kind of like the Common App for a college's scholarships)!

Most in-state/Colorado applications are due March 1st (FAFSA also must be submitted by this deadline). Some Colorado colleges and out-of-state colleges may have earlier or later deadlines (for example, UNC and CU Boulder had Feb. 15th deadlines last year while many community colleges have April 15th deadlines). So, make sure to check and pay attention to deadlines.

If you've been accepted into multiple college, I would submit institutional scholarship applications for at least your top 3-5 colleges. A lot of money can come from here. One Elevated student earned a $10,000 from CSU Fort Collins by applying last year!

How to apply: For Colorado colleges, view this list. Please note, deadlines might have changed; so, double check on the school's website. For out-of-state colleges, visit their website to see if they offer separate scholarship applications for admitted students.

  • Due Feb. 1st: Kane Scholaship at UCCS. If UCCS is in your top 5 list, apply for the Kane Scholarship by Feb. 1st. It’ll provide you a full tuition, fees and book scholarship (value of $15,000 per year!). To learn and to apply visit, https://uccs.academicworks.com/opportunities/2559. Prioritize starting your essay this week and send your essay to Ms. Rainey for review ASAP!


Scholarships previously featured with upcoming deadlines

NROTC Scholarship (good option for students interested in college AND the military)

Deadline: January 31st

Amount: Full-ride to partner college in the U.S. Once you complete your college degree+ you'll enter the Navy or Marine Crops (depending on which one you chose when applying).

Eligibility: See the full list of eligibility requirements on their website, but basic eligibility includes being a U.S. citizen, at least an 1100 on SAT (~540+ math and 550+ on reading section). They will super score if you took multiple SAT exams. If you were unable to take the SAT, you can still be considered if your GPA is at least a 2.75 and you have at least a 2.0 grade average in Algebra 2 + a letter from your counselor or JROTC instructor saying SAT wasn't reasonably available to you.

How to Apply: https://www.netc.navy.mil/Commands/Naval-Service-Training-Command/NROTC/Apply/

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