Fall Semester: 9th Grade Update

Hi Class of 2025,

There's a lot you can do this year to prepare for college and senior year! It's never to early to start! Check out your 9th grade checklist HERE. Visit the College Corner website for more information. Take steps to be successful and save the dates for the "required" event that I'm hosting for you all in the spring semester.

You might also want to check out this video about "starting early" so that you have less stress by the time you're in 12th grade. Contact me if you have any questions!

-Ms. Rainey, director of college counseling for Elevated and Peak Education

Important Date:

To maintain eligibility for your Elevated and/or Peak Ed scholarships, you have some required events for this semester from the college counseling department of Peak Ed/Elevated. Please save the dates and plan to attend:

  • Wednesday, January 19th at 6pm: Stroud Scholars Presentation

Learn about the Stroud Scholars Program, its summer program and how it could lead to “free” college!

Who: 9th graders and their parents/guardians are encouraged to attend.

Where: https://zoom.us/j/93617408770

Please Note: Peak Education and/or Elevated may have other "required" events for you; so, pay attention to your emails and messages from other program members.


Peak Ed and Elevated have MaiaLearning accounts for you to do scholarship, college and career research, and much more. Some of you might have similar accounts at your high schools (e.g. Naviance), but since our programs don’t have access to those accounts, we ask that you utilize MaiaLearning at least a few times each year. Please do the following tasks by January 30th.

  1. Log into your MaiaLearning account. Go to maialearning.com.

  • Email: Your email will be the email we have on file for Peak Ed and/or Elevated.

  • Password:

  • If you’re in Peak Ed, your initial password is “peakeducation.”

  • If you’re in Elevated, your initial password is “sachselevated.”

  • If you’re in both programs, your initial password is “peakeducation.”

  • You can change your password once you log in by clicking on your profile and updating the information.

  • If you’ve logged into MaiaLearning before, then your password is what you created. You can click the “forgot” password icon to reset it if you’ve forgotten it.

  • Trouble Logging in? AFTER trying your email and password combination (and the password reset option if you’ve logged in before), complete this form and Ms. Rainey will reset and/or create a new account for you.

2. Once you log in, please do the following tasks:

  1. Review the dashboard of suggested activities and tasks that you should do in your grade level.

  2. Under “character,” please complete the interest profiler and add 3 careers to your career list.

  3. Under “portfolio,” click on experiences and start adding your experiences, involvements and activities (e.g. the Peak Ed and/or Elevated program, sports, household responsibilities, jobs, volunteering, internships and other clubs and activities). See the video below for details on how to do this and how to create a strong resume. Get into the habit of updating your resume at least once a semester. Check out this resource out for more info on resumes, why they're important and what to include!

  4. Watch this brief MaiaLearning video: The video will show you how to find and complete the tasks mentioned above + give you a tour of other resources and tools in MaiaLearning. Lastly, the video will provide quick tips on how to make a strong resume.

3. Update your student profile on MaiaLearning

  • The profile icon is in the upper right-hand corner in MaiaLearning. Please make sure you update your student contact info and add your student cell phone number. You can also change your password from the profile setting.

  • Watch this 2-minute video that shows you what to do!

Scholarships for 9th Grade:

Did you know that there are scholarships you can do right now in your current grade? See below, but first check out these tips!

  • Utilize Ms. Rainey. If you choose to complete any of these scholarships, please let Ms. Rainey know and allow her to review your scholarship essays. Write your scholarship essays in a Google Doc and share the doc with Ms. Rainey at jasmine@peakedu.org.

  • How to write a scholarship essay: Before starting your essays, watch Ms. Rainey’s Scholarship Essay Writing Presentation HERE.

  • Pro Tip 1: Pay attention to the deadlines! Write down the deadline and pay attention to the time zone; you might need to convert time zones. For example a deadline that lists 11:59 pm Eastern Time, would need to be converted. Colorado is in a Mountain time zone; so, you would have to convert that to our time.

  • Pro Tip 2: Read the application requirements of each scholarship (e.g. essay, letters of rec, application, taxes, etc). Work on collecting or requesting items outside of your control first (e.g. letters of recommendation). Then focus on the essays. These items are usually the most difficult to do. If an essay has a word limit, take advantage of the space and get as close to the word count as possible. For example, if your word count is 650 words max, make sure your essay is at least 600 words. It doesn’t look good if your essay is only 200 words when you were given 650 words. Use all your space!

  • If you're awarded one of these scholarships, let Ms. Rainey (jasmine@peakedu.org) know!


Amount: Varies

Deadline: Not applicable (ongoing)

Apply HERE.

Instructions: Add your activities, achievements and awards from 9th grade to present. Update this every year and by senior year, you should have multiple scholarship offers from various colleges. This tool is also a great way to discover new colleges and to begin researching them based on who is offering you money!

Young Filmmakers Contest Amount: Up to $1,000

Deadline: January 5, 2022 Apply HERE.

Description: Contest is open to students in grades 3 through college (ages 8 and up) from the United States. Student must create a film on one of many given topics related to the Earth. Video length is at least 3 minutes long and no longer than 8 minutes

Jack Kent Cooke Young Artist Award Amount: Up to $10,000 to apply toward instrument purchases, summer camp tuition, college audition travel expenses, private lessons, or other music-related needs

Deadline: Next deadline = January 10th and final deadline = April 8th Description: Award is open to classical instrumentalists, vocalists, and composers between the ages of 8 through high school juniors.

Apply HERE

I Have a Dream Scholarship

Amount: $1,500

Deadline: January 31st

Apply HERE.

Instructions: "We want to know... what do you dream about? Whether it's some bizarre dream you had last week, or your hopes for the future, share your dreams with us for a chance to win $1,500 for college." (250 words or less)

Engineering Girl

Amount: $500

Deadline: February 1st

Apply HERE.

Instructions: Write a short essay about how engineering can help meet one of these sustainable development goals. Include at least one example of a solution that demonstrates how engineering design can be used to solve current problems without risking the future.650 word max

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