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End of Fall Semester Checklist and Make-Up Assignments

Hi, seniors,

I hope you’re having a great week off from school! Below are a few reminders about what you should have accomplished by the end of the semester. For those of you who are collegebound but who have NOT applied to any scholarships, I strongly suggest that you start with the ECOC scholarships due Dec. 16th (see scholarships page for more info). All students should check out the scholarships page for a full list of new scholarships available to you. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

-Ms. Rainey

Required Fall Events and Tasks + Make-Up Assignments:

  • This fall, we had three required fall events ( crafting a strong activities list workshop, college essay writing presentation and the 10/15 event). If you missed one or more of these activities, you’ll need to complete the make-up assignment to reinstate your eligibility for your Elevated grant and/or Peak Ed Scholarship.

  • Find the make-up assignments for each Fall event HERE (see the events and presentations section). The original deadlines to complete the make-ups were in late October. If you’re still behind, work with Ms. Rainey to customize a deadline before Jan. 6th.

  • Required fall task: Upload your resume to MaiaLearning by Jan. 6th. For instructions, click HERE.

End of Semester Check-ins:

  • Ms. Rainey will be calling some of you to check-in over the next few weeks. These check-ins are about 15 minutes. Note: If you’re a student who regularly communicates and meets with Ms. Rainey, you may not receive a call. Elevated students who are attending the holiday party can check in with Ms. Rainey at the Elevated party on Dec. 13th