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  • In-State: Colorado State University (Fort Collins), does a great job of providing financial aid for students in need. UNC and CU Boulder also do a decent job. If you're higher income, you might want to consider private colleges that offer more merit-based aid. The student will need a good GPA. Colleges include University of Denver (DU) and Regis University. If you plan to attend UCCS, please be aware that they don't always provide the best financial aid packages. So, make sure to apply for additional scholarships to cover their full cost of tuition.

  • Out-of-State:

  • Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs): Tennessee State University has provided my students will great financial aid award letters in the past! View more HBCUs at

  • Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSIs): locally, we have MSU Denver and University of Colorado at Denver (aka CU Denver) recently received HSI designation. This means at least 25% of their students identify as Hispanic, which allows the colleges to receive millions of dollars in grants that benefit the ENTIRE college campus community. To see out-of-state colleges that are HSIs, click HERE.

  • There was a book published a few years ago called "Colleges that Change Lives." The colleges listed, provide great programs and offer really good financial aid packages. They also need and want more underrepresented students (students of color, first generation, low-income, etc). View the list of colleges here.

  • Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE): WUE allows Colorado students to attend partner colleges out of state and to pay a lower tuition rate than the typical expensive out of state tuition. Some of these colleges also offer good financial aid packages, but some don't. So, remember that just because the tuition is lower, doesn't mean it will be affordable. Use a net price calculator to help calculate potential affordability and constantly apply for scholarships!

  • Remember that Peak Ed and Elevated has a partnership with EPIC. You can watch short 90 second videos from colleges. You can also create a short 90 second video of yourself, explaining your interests and who you are (it sounds scary, but it's not!). Then once you send this, you get a personalized video response from the college rep. It's a way to learn more about the school and for the college to put a "face" with your application.

  • Learn more and sign up at When creating your profile, make sure to indicate you're in Elevated or Peak Ed.

  • Other specific colleges:

  • Berea College--Two Peak Ed/Elevated students currently attend this college. ALL admitted students pay NOTHING for tuition or housing. You'll graduate debt free!

  • Smith College--This liberal arts women's college just became an institution that will meet 100% demonstrated need! You could attend on a full-ride!

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