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Our Program

Peak Education is a nonprofit organization promoting college access and providing career readiness support to students attending our partner middle and high schools. Our program includes: 

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Monthly Meetings
College & Scholarship

Workshops every month

for Scholars grades 7-12

Learn More

Individualized support for 

11th and 12th graders

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Opportunities for mentoring

relationships both as 

a mentee and as a mentor

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Service Opportunities
Family Engagement
Moniker Scholarship

Many chances for Scholars to 

help others, build community

and improve their resumes

Commitment to working alongside

Scholars' families and building

connections among family participants

Scholarship that ensure affordable access to college  for Peak Education Scholars

Our Program supports students from middle school through postsecondary completion.

Hover over the photos below to learn more about our program at each level.

Middle School


Introduce 7th and 8th graders to college and career readiness


  • goal-setting strategies

  • personal agency and self-determination

  • grit, resilience, and growth mindset

  • social skills and social capital building

Engage in Full STEAM Ahead, a three-week summer program in partnership with The Colorado Springs school, emphasizing 21st century, experiential learning

High School


Learn about

  • the holistic college admission process

  • college types


  • mentoring relationships

  • college and career plans

  • understanding of college and career options through conversations with community leaders and Peak Ed alums

  • financial wellness and literacy skills

Apply for college, scholarships, and financial aid


Opportunities to mentor Peak Ed high school student

Support transition to and through college with

  • regular check-ins with mentors

  • Moniker Scholarships to increase likelihood of college completion

Throughout the Program


  • with family members at semesterly meetings which include scholars' parents and siblings

  • in community    through participation in community service activities that include Peak Ed scholars, past and present

Moving Forward...

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Peak Education is on the move with new initiatives to keep talent from being wasted. We envision a new Peak Education model that builds on the success of our current cohort model in order to increase access to college counseling - ensuring more students are applying to well matched schools and equipped with knowledge about how to navigate the admission and financial aid application processes as well as how to successfully transition to and through college. Our strategic priorities have three primary components:

  • Maintain signature cohort program in Harrison High School.

  • Create new cohort models in other schools and school districts.

  • In partnership with school counselors, embed Peak Education staff into schools to engage directly in college counseling activities and help support the postsecondary achievement goals of partner school districts.

  • Ensure students are gaining financial access as well as admission offers through scholarships / need-based financial aid possibilities.

  • Expand our mentoring program that begins in 11th grade and continues through the completion of college.

  • Expand relationships with Peak Education mentors and staff during key points of the college experience.

  • Develop internship pipelines & connections between Peak Education scholars and city leaders in the community and industry.

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