Get in Touch

There are a number of ways to be engaged with Peak Education from simply signing up for our newsletter to being a volunteer.

  • Mentoring a Peak Ed scholar in their junior year, through the college application process or supporting them once they enroll in a college or university;
  • Internship Program Development: We are in the process of developing an internship program for Peak scholars. We could use help with workshops for students in the program as well as industry partners who would be willing to hire and mentor Peak scholars;
  • Office Volunteers: We can always use additional support behind the scenes with a variety of tasks from event planning, communications/webpage development and other various administrative functions;
  • Community Service Opportunities: Whether you have a project in mind or you would like to connect with our scholars during one of our existing programs, this is a great way to support one of the four pillars of Peak Education;
  • Guest Speaker / Panelist: Utilize your professional or personal experience to enhance our curriculum and positively impact Peak scholars. Let us know what areas of expertise or knowledge you would like to share, and we can work together to figure out a way to integrate this into the work that we are doing with Peak Ed scholar cohorts.