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Care and Share Service Days with Peak Education

Saturday, April 16, 2022 (sign up now)

Saturday, May 7 (sign ups open on April 9th)

9:00am-11:30am and/or 1:00pm to 3:30pm



After viewing the volunteer video, follow this link to sign up:

The volunteer calendar becomes available 4 weeks in advanced. Please note that the calendar won’t show that shift until that time.

Please note that this is a unique link specific to your group reservation, you won’t be able to sign up for the group event from our homepage. 

Click on activity shown on the calendar that you would like to register for. These are the events that has been reserved for your group. 

-In the screen that pops up, click sign up 

Create a New Account if you don't have one, or sign into your existing account.  


For individuals creating a new account: 

1.              Fill out required information 

2.              Accept the waiver 

3.              You will automatically be added to your group’s

For individuals signing into an existing account 

1.              Sign into your existing account. 

2.              Select "Peak Education" group affiliation. 

-You should now have successfully registered for the activity. Thank you! 

Everyone, including all adults and children must create a separate profile and be signed up for the event 2 days before volunteering. Any volunteer slots that are remaining may be released back to the public to fill those slots. 

Basic Information and Safety Protocols: 

  • Please excuse yourself from volunteering and reschedule your shift if you are more than 10 minutes late. It’s important that all volunteers arrive on time to receive instructions to complete the daily activity. 

  • Enter on the NORTH-EAST side of the building across from the GREENHOUSE (find the door that says "Volunteer Entrance") 

  • Cell phone use is limited to the employee/volunteer break room. 

  •  No headphones (music, Bluetooth) are allowed in the volunteer areas or the warehouse. 

  • Purses and bags should be left at home. 

  • Only designated Care and Share employees are allowed to ride or operate forklift equipment 

  • Face masks are optional, please bring your own.  

  • All shoes must be closed-toed with no open backs 

  •  No overly loose clothing is allowed for safety reasons (skirts, dresses, baggy pants) 

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