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  I continue to be proud of Peak Education’s trajectory and impact. Our efforts to increase educational opportunity, provide more students with high caliber college and career readiness counseling, matched with innovative systems of support all while maintaining a commitment to relationships with our students and families remain a strong recipe for success. With a year of planning behind us, we are on the verge of launching a bold strategic plan that will seek to build on the strengths of our signature program to have more widespread and systemic impact for educational access in our community.  


  Peak Education’s expansion and increased impact comes at a time when our services have never been more necessary. High School graduation rates across Colorado Springs are in decline, and postsecondary entrance and completion rates remain low. In the Colorado Springs community, 70% of living wage positions require some type of postsecondary credential, yet, as little as 1 out of 10 Colorado Springs high school graduates are completing one.  


  The work before the Peak Education is clear and necessary. We believe that all students in our community have the right of self-determination and deserve an opportunity to access a fulfilling life - when this occurs our collective future is strengthened. Thank you for investing in our students, community, and economy. Your contribution is helping to create a more vibrant and inclusive Colorado Springs. 



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L. Carlos Jiménez
Chief Executive Officer

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